MetaboLean Ultra 90ct

  • 10mg of Ephedra Extract
  • Same exact formula as Original Metabolife 356
  • Weightloss and Energy Booster

Potency: 730 mg
Count: 90 Caplets


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If you liked the Original Metabolife® 356 you’ll love MetaboLean ULTRA. MetaboLean contains all of the same ingredients in Metabolife® 356. This awesome weight loss supplement is power charged with 10mg of EPHEDRA (Extract)per serving. We have also added 5mg of Synephrine to make it even better.

Unlike (Ephedra Free) products that promise much but deliver little, MetaboLean is the real deal.

MetaboLean is an herbal formula designed for optimal diet & energy. This proven formulation consists of high quality, natural herbs grown worldwide.

Most importantly, MetaboLean contains 10mg of EPHEDRA (Extract) per serving , and Caffeine (from Guarana). Citrus Aurantium, Bee pollen and Royal Jelly may be among the reasons why MetaboLean is so energizing.

But this highly energizing formula is also thermogenic. MetaboLean was designed to help your body produce more heat which in turn burns more calories (from fat) while maintaining lean body mass. Added appetite suppressing ingredients combined with essential minerals and Vitamin E and you have the ultimate original fat burner.

Benefits of MetaboLean ULTRA with Ephedra (10mg per Caplet)

For those who want to know how MetaboLean ULTRA will change their weight loss plans, look at these benefits other dieters have enjoyed:

• Energy boost – Ephedra will help you feel more alert and focused during your day, instead of being worn out from dieting and exercise.

• Appetite suppression – If you have troubles managing your cravings when attempting to lose weight, MetaboLean ULTRA diet pills will help you continue to make the healthiest choices.

• Health support – The natural herbs and other ingredients in MetaboLean will help you feel better. If you’ve been feeling run down, ingredients like Spirulina and Royal Jelly are just the right fit for your needs. Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin E are also special ingredients that support your new healthy body and life.


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