Growth 90ct

  • Supports Growth Hormone Release
  • Optimizes Insulin Sensitivity
  • Promotes Protein Synthesis
  • Regulates IGF-1 and N.O. Levels

Potency: 2053 mg
Count: 90 ct

$54.95 $35.95

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Growth by Blackstone Labs

Build healthier muscles and burn body fat with Growth by Blackstone Labs! This supplement is a natural sleep aid and the first proven product that increases HGH production while you sleep! It’s now available on the market! Revolutionize your sleep with Growth! Wake up feeling refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated by taking the supplement regularly. You can now say goodbye to restless sleep for you will have the best sleep of your life every single night with Growth. It’s safe for both men and women. No adverse side effects are recorded with Growth, so it’s entirely possible to add this to your everyday fitness routine. With Growth, you can perform harder at the gym and greatly improve your sleep. Is your energy level always at its all-time low especially at work? This supplement can definitely help you! Also, if you’ve been having problems sleeping and concentrating, take this supplement! By far they are the best! It works every single time.


Growth works its wonders while you sleep. During REM sleep, Growth stimulates HGH or human growth hormones necessary for cell regeneration and cell production. To maximize the benefits, it encourages ample REM sleep to produce more HGH. In return, you get a stronger body ready to take on any challenge at the gym, at work or on the go. And there’s more! Growth also contains Valerian root and Melatonin which can enhance the quality of your sleep for better hormone secretion. This means you’re getting more from Growth! Better sleep helps you focus more and increases your productivity. You’ll never feel tired at work. You can fully concentrate on the task at hand. Most importantly, you can perform better. This supplement not only strengthens your body, it can also sharpen your mental faculties. Blackstone’s Growth also contains Vitamin D for stronger bones and tendons. With the supplement’s Velvet beat extract, body fat and cellulite are reduced. There’s no need to take diet pills as this supplement can also help you lose weight. With Growth, you will look and feel great! And all these happen while you’re sleeping! There’s nothing better than that.


  • Deeper and better quality REM sleep
  • Reduces body fat
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Increases energy levels
  • Builds healthier and stronger bones
  • Improves the quality of your skin
  • Safe to use for both men and women

Blackstone Labs recommended dosage for taking this supplement is 3 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime. It is highly advised that you never exceed recommended doses. For your safety, always follow what you see on the label.