MetaboThin 90ct

  • Exact Formula as Metabolife 356
  • 10mg of Ephedra
  • Original Formula Guaranteed

Potency: 910 mg
Count: 90 Caplets


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MetaboThin with Ephedra by American Generic Labs

What MetaboThin Gives You:

MetaboThin is the Ephedra diet pill that turns people’s dreams of having a perfect body into reality. It is made of a blend of the strongest and most all-natural herbs, Ephedra products, and supplements that are exclusive only to this company. These diet pills truly provide excellent results. They attack excess weight by boosting the metabolism, using thermogenics to burn the fat in the body, and suppressing the appetite. It also utilizes natural herbs and the best scientifically created supplements to increase energy and the Synephrine makes this supplement even more complete. What this means if people loved the Original Metabolife 356 with Ephedra, they will also love MetaboThin. This supplement also contains a combination of century-old herbs that is exclusive to MetaboThin.

Along with the combination of century-old herbs that is exclusive to Metabothin that are technologically advanced as well, people that buy this supplement are purchasing the most effective weight loss Ephedra product available. The ingredients in this supplement include Ginseng, cocoa extract, royal jelly, ginger root, and bitter orange (Synephrine). The Synephrine has been well-known for a long time for helping people lose weight and boost their energy levels. This supplement also has indisputable and widely tested metabolic powers of pure Ephedra extract as well as being known for being the most powerful over-the-counter weight loss solution available. There is no need for people to waste their money on fad weight-loss diet pills, as MetaboThin allows people to lose weight in a fast and simple manner.

MetaboThin by American Generic Labs contains a blend of natural and high powered ingredients to boost your weight loss:

  • Ephedra Extract (10mg per serving)
  • Caffeine (from Guarana)
  • Ginseng
  • Bee pollen
  • Royal Jelly

When you use MetaboThin by American Generic Labs, you may find that you’re not only able to create a slimmer body, but you also feel better than you have in years, possibly.  True health comes from taking care of your body and giving it what it needs.

What to Expect from MetaboThin by American Generic Labs

In a fast and simple manner, MetaboThin suppresses the appetite which makes weight loss a lot easier instead of being an ongoing struggle. Many people deviate from their diet not because they are hungry but from the stress of getting their daily tasks done due to being groggy and tired. A lot of people feel like they are going through life as a zombie, but that is difficult because a lot of people depend on them. MetaboThin Ephedra helps people lose weight quickly and also helps them keep focused at home and on-the-job. People that use this supplement only one time realize how well it works. The use of its thermogenic properties, it burns calories all throughout the day, as if a person were exercising all day long. The body acts as a metabolic furnace while people go about their regular activities of daily living that saves people that use it time and energy and turn their weight loss dreams into reality. The serving size is one caplet and there are 90 caplets in one bottle. MetaboThin is the way to make all of your weight loss dreams come true.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 caplet 3 times per day, preferably with food and water.

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