Red Yeast Rice 1200mg – 100ct

  • Cyclosome™ Technology
  • Supports Healthy LDL Cholesterol†
  • 100% Natural Red Yeast Rice†

Potency: 1200 mg
Count: 100 Tablets

$49.95 $19.95

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Nature’s Essentials Red Yeast Rice is specially formulated using high quality Red Yeast Rice combined with advanced Cyclosome™ Liposomal Technology which produces unprecedented results in Cholesterol support. Cyclosome™ delivery technology encompasses the naturally derived Red Yeast Rice into a liposome hydrophilic complex which create a vortex of enhanced solubility and optimum bioavailability. This preserves the high-quality Red Yeast Rice extract from stomach acids through the digestion process.

Red Yeast Rice has been used in China for centuries as a traditional medicine that naturally contains several ingredients that may help maintain already healthy cholesterol levels. Some of these naturally occurring ingredients include monacolin K, plant sterols, isoflavones, and “healthy fats.” Use Nature’s Essentials™ Red Yeast Rice for a more efficient delivery of the natural Red Yeast Rice extract that is more bio available and more potent with better results.

The best liposomal red yeast rice on the market.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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