Cobra 6P Extreme 60 Servings

  • Incinerates fat
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Extreme energy levels
  • Razor sharp focus

Potency: 2.85 Grams (1 scoop)
Count: 60 Servings
Flavor: Kiwi-Strawberry

$59.99 $39.95

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Cobra 6P Extreme 60 Servings by Blackstone Labs

(Extreme Powder Formula) Amazing taste

For the years Blackstone Labs has been in service, it has established itself as the manufacturer of extreme products, and Cobra 6P Extreme powder could have possibly crowned that long-term achievement. Cobra 6P Extreme powder delivers a great energy, fat-burning and focus that no legal supplement can. Those who have taken energy drinks can attest how they deliver a great energy to move the walls, but Cobra 6P Extreme powder by Blackstone Labs makes the energy drinks appear like a placebo. Blackstone Labs can be credited for creating some of the most popular and strongest pro hormones that are in the market today.

The Cobra 6P Extreme powder delivers a huge dose of extreme energy that will literally take you to the highest point of the world. It has definitely proved that it deserved the title –Extreme. This product has also been designed with a sweet tasting flavor of watermelon that will leave a sweet and refreshed taste in your mouth anytime you take it. Blackstone Labs has created this great product to incinerate fats and suppress your appetite in that process while ensuring that you remain super focused and get rid of any extra weight on your body. It is the best supplement for anyone who is struggling with some of the worst cravings. Blackstone Labs does not recommend this product to the beginners.

WARNING – this product is not for beginners. New users should try Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P before trying Cobra 6P Extreme.

About Cobra 6P Extreme Powder

What Makes Cobra 6P Extreme Perform So Great?

The first ingredient that is available in this supplement is Theobromine, a stimulant used to increase the sensitivity of insulin.

The other ingredient that makes Cobra 6P Extreme powder works is the dendrobium, which is the substitute for DMAA. This stimulant is used to elevate focus, mood as well as confidence.

This product also has Yohimbine extracts in it, and this is used to target certain hot spots for weight loss. Yohimbe is also a great ingredient for curbing hunger.

There is also caffeine in the Cobra 6P Extreme powder. Caffeine has been widely used even in other supplements to increase the mood, alertness, focus and lower fatigue. Cobra 6P Extreme also contains Advantra Z TM, which is thermogenic used to increase the lipolysis or fat burning as widely known. This ingredient also assists in suppressing appetite and greatly helps in availing amino acid to the muscles.

The other ingredient that is incorporated in the Cobra 6P Extreme powder by Blackstone Labs is the Bioperine compound. This compound increases the absorption of the rest of the ingredients that are included in the Cobra 6P Extreme powder.

Cobra 6P Extreme Powder Formula Highlights

  • Incinerates fat
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Razor sharp focus
  • Improves your mood
  • Extreme energy levels
  • Great amazing taste

Blackstone Labs Recommends assessing your tolerance by mixing 1 scoop with at least 10-12oz. of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. An additional scoop can be added in the early afternoon as needed. Do not exceed more than 2 scoops in a 24 hour period.