Fastin® 60ct

  • Advanced Weight Loss Aid
  • Fast Acting
  • Appetite Suppressant

Potency: 345 mg
Count: 60 Tablets


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Fastin by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Fastin® is rapidly climbing the ladder to become the top selling diet product! Fastin® will help you lose weight and feel great! Fastin® is based upon the active Phenylethylamine alkaloids found in Acacia Rigidula. These alkaloids produce extreme energy and promote a sense of well-being.

  • Revolutionary Diet Aid Taking the Market by Storm!
  • Helps Promote Weight Loss and Energy!
  • Rapidly Becoming the Top Selling Diet Product!

Over the past couple of decades, Americans have continued to get larger and larger. In fact, more than half the women in the United States now wear a size 14 or larger, as compared to 1985 when the average size was 8. Now, more than ever, the public needs access to an effective nutraceutical weight loss agent that helps people lose weight. Now, more than ever, the public needs Fastin®.


Fastin Diet and Weight Loss tablets are made by the diet and energy supplement kings, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the weight loss industry. Like the name of this diet aid suggests, it is fast acting and it helps promote weight loss on a lot of fronts. It promotes the body’s fat burning capabilities, suppressing the appetite and getting rid of unneeded food cravings. It also increases a person’s energy and motivation levels. Along with these three methods that lead to the people that are using it losing weight, Fastin contains a blend of natural ingredients that are only found in Fastin that uses Hi-Tech’s Thermo RX Technology that has been proven to work. This weight loss aid uses lipotropics to break down fat in the body.

By incorporating the use of lipotropics (compounds that help catalyze the breakdown of fat in the body during metabolism), Fastin produces a thermogenic effect in the body that raises the body’s basal metabolic rate (the resting rate of the metabolism), which makes it possible for people to burn calories while they are at rest. Through lipolysis (the release of fat), this diet aid also prevents enzymes that cause the body to store fat, which permits the body to burn fat in a more efficient manner and for a longer period of time. Another benefit of Fastin is that suppresses appetites, which helps it users do away with overindulgence and allows them to curb food cravings. The people that use it will be able to stick to a healthier diet without these food cravings, which will also help them lose weight. The last benefit of Fastin is increased energy.

Fastin also increases the energy level

This extra boosts of energy and motivation that it provides people with is loved by the people that take this supplement. It helps them do away with fatigue and lethargy and it gives them the energy to make it through the day. They will also have the energy needed to have more fulfilling and vigorous workouts. By turning their bodies into fat-burning machines, doing away with their food cravings, and giving them more energy, Fastin gives the people that take this supplement all that they need to lose weight and feel good. If you or someone you know wants to jump in and be successful in losing weight and gaining more energy, Fastin is the best thing that you can make a part of your diet and exercise regimen.

PEA is an endogenous stimulant of the human brain that amplifies the activity of major neurotransmitters for a sense of well being, and a rapid uplifting effects on mood, mental activity, attention, motivation, alertness, energy, stamina, physical activity, and pleasurable feelings.

Fastin also contains Xanthine alkaloids, which act as a stimulant and increase weight loss. The Methylxanthine, Theobromine, found in Fastin, is thought to elevate serotonin, which helps elevate mood. Fastin has taken the Diet & Energy category into the next century! Fastin is an extremely potent diet aid and energizer! Try Fastin and see why millions of Americans are turning to this amazing product to lose weight and feel great!


Take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch.  Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.  Fastin® tablets are heat and moisture sensitive, and bottle should be kept sealed after opening.  Please keep desiccant in the bottle to avoid moisture. Store are room temp. 59*- 89*F protected from moisture, heat, and light. Failure to do so may cause pills to turn slightly brown. This will not affect the efficacy, potency or safety of this product, but will cause Fastin® to become brittle.


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