Lipodrene® 100ct

  • 25mg of Ephedra Extract
  • Hoodia Extract – Appetite Suppressant
  • #1 Selling Diet Pill in the World
  • As Low as $32.95 per bottle (6 Bottles Best Value)
  • *IN STOCK*

Potency: 660 mg
Count: 100 Tablets


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Lipodrene by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Lipodrene Weight loss with Ephedra

  • Over 1 Billion Dosages Sold in America!
  • Contains 25mg of Ephedra Extract – Legal in All 50 States!
  • Helps Burn Fat and Promotes safe Weight Loss
  • Also available in a 20 count bottle

Product Description:

Are you tired of looking for the best and fastest way to lose weight? Well, here is an answer for you. It’s time to try Lipodrene with Ephedra. If you are looking for a solution because you want to shed a few pounds, then here are reasons why you will settle for the king of weight loss.

Lipodrene with Ephedra is a weight loss supplement by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that ranks as the best top-selling weight loss support supplement. For the past few years over a billion dosages have been sold in America in nearly 50 states where it is legal.

Lipodrene helps you stay focused and motivated to shed the extra pounds. To make this possible and 100% successful, however, you need to combine it with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Still not convinced that this is by far the best weight loss support supplement? Well, here are the main benefits of Lipodrene with Ephedra that will make you understand why millions of people prefer it over other weight loss supplements.

Lipodrene for Weight Loss

If you are on a diet and regular exercise, but still do not see the results, then Lipodrene is the right answer for you. Here is how it works to make this possible: the weight loss supplement fights the alpha-2 receptors and assists in drawing out fat cells from the body. There are different clinically tested ingredients present in this weight loss aid that remove unwanted body fat.

Aside from this primary benefit, Lipodrene combined with a good diet and exercise also:

  • Help reduce appetite and cravings to achieve your weight loss goal.
  • Gives you extra energy boost to get you through the day
  • Improves focus and alertness
  • Increases the metabolic rate (the burning of fat)

Which ingredients make up Lipodrene?

Lipodrene weight loss supplement has more than five scientifically backed ingredients mixed in the right amounts to help users in their weight loss quest. No wonder the supplement remains the most popular and efficient weight loss aid for millions of people. The active ingredients present include:

  • Ephedra Extract – 25mg per tablet
  • Senegalia Berlandieri Extract – 150mg
  • A combination of Thermo-Rx and Extend Rx
  • Caffeine – 100mg
  • Synepherine – 25mg
  • Green Tea Extract – 45mg


There are 100 yellow hexagon tablets in one bottle. To get the best results and finish your weight loss quest, take at least one or two tablets every morning and a tablet after lunch, all the while being cautious not to exceed four tablets in 24 hours. This greatly depends on your sensitivity level to caffeine and ephedra.


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